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This is not so much a story as the idea for a story that just showed up in my head while reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Bradley. It's sort of a sequel to the book, set in todays world, that is about the return of Avalon and the nature inspired faith that comes with it. Probably in the form of Wicca, if I would ever write the story.

I have actually not yet finished reading the book, but I know a little about the Arthur story and I can guess where the story will go. So I might have some premisses wrong, but it doesn't have to be a sequel to The Mists of Avalon, it could be a Arthur legend inspired story on its own, since the legend is definitely used a lot in literature. Or the piece can be changed to incorporate the premise. Anyway I think that it is to good an idea to write it in my current state of inexperience, so maybe later...

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I dream of my sister Morgain:

“My sweet brother, though I have always had the sight, I never knew you existed, the goddess has hidden you even from me. She no doubt has had good reason for this. The gods know how alone I have been at times, growing up, it might have been easier for me if you would have been there.

“I do see now why you have been hidden from our world, although it pains me, for out father Gorlois always had wanted a son and now it is revealed he has had you, without knowing it. He was not always a good man, but still there have been times at which I would have liked to see him happy. And he might have been a little easier on our mother Egraine. It was only much later, when he was dead, my mother was married to the king and I had already spent several years training as a priestess on the holy isle, when I realized that he did, in his way, very much love out mother. But so it was not to be, my dear brother, for there is a great reason for your hiding. The merlin has great wisdom indeed, for him to have conceived of this plan.

“His plan not only included uniting the land under the one king, our half brother Gwydion or Arthur as he was later called, but also the protection of the mysteries of the goddess and now his true brilliance is unvealled, for if his first plan failed and Avalon was lost to the great mists and the mysteries of the old faith were lost to the world, there was another still. Someone of direct descendant of both the merlin, who is married to the land and the lady of the lake, who is high priestess to the goddess and is the lady of Avalon. This person, who is tied through blood to both the land and to Avalon has a close enough connection to reopen the gate to the holy isle. The person is you, my twin.”

“Your first task, my brother, is to find the holy isle. This won't be an easy task for it is no longer part of this world. For more than a thousand years all connections between Avalon and the world has been severed.

“For the priests with their one god have driven out the old faith, the world was changing and the only way to safeguard the mysteries of the goddess, was through a great effort and by the loss of many druids, when Avalon was removed from this world.

“For a time it was still accessible to the few who knew enough of the mysteries to find the way through the mists, but for the past thousand years the gates to and from the holy isle has been closed to all but the gods.

“So for the past millennium Avalon has been waiting for the world to change again, so it can slowly find back its place in this world.

“The only key now left to the gates of Avalon is you my dear brother, for you are the spiritual link that has kept the holy isle from disappearing in the mists for all time. You as the grandson and brother and nephew of the lady of Avalon and grandson of the merlin of brittain and heir to the royal blood. For you have been given this task by your


grandmother Lady Viviane, Lady of the lake and the Merlin, the great bard and druid, when the isle was first removed from this world.

“For now my brother, my twin in flesh and spirit, I will depart from you, but we will speak again, for out souls are forever bound.”

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