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Another short mind spin I wrote down a few years ago, because it might be interesting. It looks to be a bit Gandalf inspired, but I seem to remember I wrote it down after I read about the death of Dumbledore. I think I wrote it, more or less, because I wanted to remember the concept of a wizard existing to fulfill a task in the world. As being hinted upon by Tolkien (Gandalf the grey/white) and Bradley (The Merlin of Brittain). Interestingly enough Dumbledore seems to miss a few key features of a traditional great old wise wizard, although of course he has the self appointed task of fighting voldemort.. But I digress..

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A great wizard has died...

The wizard opened his eyes to a large blue sky. The sun shone extremely bright so the wizard took his hand and held it above his water blue eyes. Though he was really interested in this desert like, and currently rather empty, new world, there was a sad and even a bit dissapointed expresion on his face. But he had to admit; his part had been fulfilled and it had been time for him to move on. Although currently is was not very clear as to what he had moved on too. But that didn't really matter, he was sure he would find out in due course. So he got up and started a nice stroll in the direction to which he felt like going most.

“Still following my nose--”, he chuckled to himself.

This was a very strange new world into which he had become. Magic was still very much around him, he could feel that very clearly. He felt inside his white robes and found his wand. He decided to try it and after a simple flick of the wrist he indeed was holding a cool glass of water, which he was al to glad to drink up immediately. So his was still allowed to do magic in this place. He guessed that probably meant he had still use for it and that there was still use for him.

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