moon Marten van de Sanden

As long as I remember I make stories in my head about the things that happen around me. I just have to take one look around and if there are people in viewing distance my head starts to weave a story around them.

Most of the time the stories in my head are only a way for me to pass the time or sometimes just a distraction (for instance, I'm very bad at conversations in bars, because I keep getting distracted by things that are not necessarely happening there for real). But sometimes I think up a story that I really like and occasionally I'll write such a story down and just maybe, when I read it back later (which doesn't happen all that often, because I usually write them down in notebooks I never look at again...), I still like it :).

Since I began writing more seriously in the begining of 2008 it is fast starting to become my new favourite past time activity. It is interesting, because it is somehow very satifying and the more I'm creating stories in my mind the easier it becomes and the longer the stories get I make up accidentally throughout the day. At the moment I see writing as something which, in a way, is going to save my life. I really feel that I need to express myself creatively in some way. Otherwise I would feel empty. It has the potential to give my life the meaning, that I for a long time, secretely and so desperatly seek! I can't think of any better way to do this, than to write stories..

But I am most definitively still very green in the art of writing and I have much to learn, but I like it and I think I could be good at it :).

Look below for some things I have written. None of the stories are really finished, but some of them are sort of...

+-2005Sci/Fi Story Concept1 page
+-2005Matterealizarion (very short)1/2 page
2006A Great Wizard has Died (character concept)1/2 page
2007-??Untitled Sci/Fi (unfinished)4 pages
2007-??Untitled Fantasy (series) (work in progress)12 page outline + 9 page written
2008Idea for a sequel to Mists of Avalon1 page
2008The Girl Behind the Counter (Very Short)1/2 page
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